Posted by: Rebecca P | April 8, 2013

Our New Website is Live!

Come one, come all, and visit Reywa Fibers’ beautiful new website, just launched this weekend!

 We’ll keep this blog going for a while, but change your bookmarks to take you to our new home on the web!  We’ve added new shops, new colors and new photos…and soon we’ll be adding new patterns, so check in often so you don’t miss anything!

Posted by: Rebecca P | February 8, 2013

An unveiling…

2013 Embrace color palette.

2013 Embrace color palette.

At Reywa Fibers we are celebrating the (Tibetan) New Year with an unveiling – seven new colors for the new season!  Continuing to find inspiration from the tremendous beauty of the Tibetan Plateau, we are delighted to reveal our new expanded palette.  In addition to six new dyed colors, we’ve heard our customers’ clamor for more natural colors, and are happy to announce that “Cloud” – a 100% natural cream – will be among the new offerings of Embrace – our 100% Tibetan yak down DK weight yarn.

  Look for these new colors on the shelves of your LYS soon!

(Pictured, top left to right: Daybreak, Harvest, Picnic, Vermilion, Wild Honey, Festival, Nomad Sky, Grasslands, Dancing Yak, Jewel and Summer Berry.)

Posted by: Rebecca P | October 26, 2012

A good story.

Donyot when we met him in 2005.

We met Donyot in 2005, when he was a shy but talented third grade student in a tiny village school.  At that time, the student sponsorship program we ran as part of our non-profit work on the Tibetan Plateau was just beginning.  While visiting Donyot’s village to assess possibilities for helping his impoverished elementary school, both his teacher and his father approached us.  He was a naturally intelligent and working little boy, but both his father and his teacher were concerned that, unless he had access to a better quality school, he would never be able to reach his full potential.

Our student sponsorship program has always focused on selecting students who were finishing elementary school and making the transition to middle school – which is much more expensive than the village elementary schools, and which was an impossible dream for many impoverished children.  But what Donyot’s father – and his teacher! – said was true:  the decrepit village elementary school he was in didn’t have the capacity to give him the foundational knowledge he would need to achieve his dreams.

And so, we agreed.  As a tiny third grader, Donyot moved to town and began studying at the county elementary school – a boarding school specializing in high quality Tibetan language education.

And why am I writing about this now?  Because we just got a phone call from Donyot.  Last spring he graduated from middle school and was accepted to study in a very good vocational school.  We had already enrolled him in his new program, but he called to say he’d been further accepted to participate in a special program, studying simultaneously for his vocational qualifications and the equivalent of a two-year college degree.  He still has a lot of studying to do, but his incredibly hard work has paid off, and in three years he will be qualified to seek and find solid employment to launch him into a health future.

We are so excited for Donyot, and grateful for the privilege of helping him realize his dreams.  While Reywa isn’t yet footing the bill for his education – we’ve only just begun our first season of sales, so we are still funding our student sponsorship program through non-profit donations – we are anticipating the day Reywa itself will be selling enough Tibetan fiber that Donyot – and many other students like him – will be able to see their dreams fulfilled through the sale of their people’s most beloved natural resource.

Posted by: Rebecca P | September 9, 2012

Here it is…another free pattern for your Reywa yak down yarn!

This local snow lion loved his new winter cowl.
(He may be our favorite new model…watch for him in the future!)

As promised, here’s our lovely new cowl, designed for us by Heather Zoppetti.  This is a simply but elegant one skein project, perfect for a first project for the autumn!  It’s free with purchase, so visit one of our LYSs and start knitting!

And, by the way, if you’ve knit with Reywa, don’t forget to find us on Ravelry and give us some love!

Intertwined cabled fingerless mitts – knit with colorway “Festival”

Introducing our new intertwined cabled fingerless mitts, a one skein pattern that is free with purchase of Reywa yarns.  Designed by Nancy Jung, these gloves are fantastically soft and warm – delightful to wear on a cold winter day (I know…the kept me warm on my walks to the market ALL last winter in Asia!)

The mitts are shown in Festival, but they will look great in any of our new colors.  If you start kniting now you can make a pair for EVERYONE on your Christmas gift giving list!  (Though the women on the list may appreciate them more than the men!)

Look for our Rivoletto cowl by Heather Zoppetti here soon!  We’ll be ready to show it off just as soon as we photograph it … I LOVED knitting it  🙂

Posted by: Rebecca P | August 8, 2012

Look look look look look it’s US!

Look!  It’s us!  “Embrace the Yak!” at Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove, CA.  Check out their blog post on us.  Yahoo!!!!

Embrace the Yak at Monarch Knitting!

Go on…Embrace it!  (That means buy it, knit it, LOVE IT!)

Posted by: Rebecca P | August 4, 2012

Reywa’s 100% Tibetan Yak Yarn is hitting the shelves!

The first skeins of Reywa’s yarns have hit the shelves!   We’ve had a fantastic summer visiting yarn shops up and down the Pacific coast, and are tremendously excited to report that Embrace, our first line of 100% Tibetan yak yarns, are now available for purchase!  We are beginning with a limited release of our yarns, aiming to develop real relationships with our shop owners and to make sure all our systems are running smoothly.

We’ve had so much fun visiting yarn shops all along the coast (a knitter’s dream vacation!) and almost every shop had something that made it truly memorable.  But, a few of our new favorites – meaning those now carrying Reywa, and who would love you to drop by to pick up a skein or two for your next project! – are:

Ball and Skein in Cambria, CA

Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove, CA

Yarns and the Adobe in San Luis Obispo, CA

Anacapa Fine Yarns in Ventura, CA

Diva Yarns in Port Townsend, WA

Bella Lana in Minneapolis, MN

Flying Fibers in Landisville, PA

Stop in or give them a call to order a skein of the softest yarn you’re likely to find anywhere!

Posted by: Rebecca P | June 27, 2012

The countdown is on…

basket full of yak goodness!

Summer is here. For Reywa that means we are only one season away from prime knitting days for our gorgeous new yak down yarns. Happily, we are also only weeks away from beginning to get our yarn on the shelves of LYSs across the country!

For the past weeks, team Reywa (that’s me, Poul and little Alina!) have been driving the Pacific coast states of the US, visiting shops, meeting their staff, and introducing ourselves and our 100% Tibetan yak yarns. I love answering the question “where is this yarn from?” because I get to tell the story of our fiber…beginning with its origins in the grazing-lands of Tibetan nomads, traveling to knitters and fiber arts communities here in the US, and then sending profits right back to Tibet to help keep impoverished students in school and to restore the grasslands that feed the yaks that make our yarn possible. I have to admit – I think Reywa is pretty awesome.

I also love watching the interest on knitters’ faces go from mild to captivated when they feel our phenomenally soft yarns. Everyone is interested in the story…but when they feel the yarn, they want to get their needles out and start knitting (or skip the knitting and just rub it all over their neck and face…which I often do!)

And so the countdown begins… what we hope will be our last samples are on their way from Asia (after yet one more round of tweaking we requested from our spinners) and if we say “DONE!” we will be ready to take our first orders. Check back soon to know where to find the first Reywa 100% Tibetan Yak Down Yarns on shop shelves!

Posted by: Rebecca P | May 22, 2012


Hurray for color!

I have to admit…when our spinner/dyer told us they could dye our yarn any color we wanted, I was a little suspicious they’d be able to pull it off. I mean really? I can pick any color from any source and you can make my lovely yak down exactly that shade?

Guess what? It turns out they can!

Posted by: Rebecca P | April 11, 2012


Unexpected tasks…

Today I am not enjoying learning the ropes.  Not one little bit. We just got back our first batch of yarn labels (complete with our beautiful new logo) only to find they haven’t been hole punched. Not a single hole in the 4200 labels. Which means not a single one is ready to be tied to our yarn. And the stickers for our bags of yarn (how it’s packaged for sale to yarn stores) look great too. Really beautiful. But the 7 versions (for each of our 7 colors) are all mixed up together. Which means whoever is putting them on the bags needs to understand English. Which I’m pretty sure the guys in our mill don’t. So we are punching 4200 holes and cutting apart and sorting 1400 stickers in the next 20 hours before we have to send them on to the mill.

Going to be an exciting evening here in our house. We’re going to crank up the music, pour out the margaritas, and make the best of a bad situation (hopefully the margaritas don’t result in holes on the bottoms or stickers cut through the middle!  But the task seems near impossible without them, so here’s hoping!)

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