Posted by: Rebecca P | April 12, 2011

Learning the ropes…

Waiting, waiting, waiting. That’s what we are doing these days!  Eagerly, desperately, anxiously waiting for the arrival of our first batch of sample yarns from the spinner. We have patterns prepared, volunteers standing by with needles poised, and we are all ready to start clicking away just as soon as we have some yarn in our hands.

We knew that it could take a long time to get your yarn spun. Now we are experiencing that first hand!

We are also beginning to look into a new spinner and getting samples from them as well. These are steps we didn’t know we would have to take…initially everything looked so good with the first spinner! It may well still work out with them…if the yarn is fantastic we may not want to go anywhere else and will learn to work on their time schedule. But it will be good to have a back-up ready if these folks don’t come through for us.

To all our volunteers out there… thanks for hanging in with us! We’ll get this yarn to you just as soon as we possibly can!



  1. The yarn has got to New Zealand and an enthusiastic knitter is working away on a small boy’s jersey. Like others her comment was,
    “It is soooo soft.”

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