Posted by: Rebecca P | April 22, 2011

Wow oh wow is this stuff soft!

The first swatch.

Knitting, knitting, KNITTING!  That’s what we’re doing now!  Finally, we have yarn samples in hand!  Granted, we don’t have them all…we are still waiting for our first spinning contact to get us the samples we’ve contracted with them for.  But in the meantime a second spinner has gotten us loads of samples in a much quicker time.  We’ve got 100% yak in a worsted, a sport, and an incredibly delicate lace weight, as well as a yak-bamboo blend in a light worsted weight.  And we are knitting away…

My first impression is “Oh, my goodness is this stuff SOFT!”  That’s a pretty good first impression, hey?  Watch out cashmere, here comes yak…I just keep rubbing the yarn against my face and wishing winter was on its way in instead of out!
For all our volunteers getting itchy to get their own needles clicking…it’s coming soon!  Once we get the samples from the first order in hand they will all be in the mail.  In the meantime, enjoy the anticipation of the softest yarn I bet you’ll have every knit with!


  1. Now my hands are really itching to get knitting!

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