Posted by: Rebecca | June 6, 2011

Taking our yarn on the road…

It’s here…and just in time! 30kgs of the softest chocolate brown yarn you have ever seen!  This spinner does indeed have an excellent product.  This yarn is great!  We can’t wait to see what knitters back home think.

We’re heading home to Los Angeles in the next few days and will spend the summer visiting yarn shops and knitters to get their feedback.  Have we discovered the perfect yarn??  Can we tweak it a little and make it an even MORE perfect yarn?  What weights do people want?  Colors?  What do YOU think?

To all you out there who have been following us and like the vision and story of Reywa, if you know any yarn shops you think may be interested, please introduce us!  We may not be able to hit every one in person, but we can surely meet in other ways.



  1. ImagiKnit in San Francisco is a great yarn shop to contact.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this yak yarn!!! I had a chance to knit a sample. It is the SOFTEST yarn EVER! It’s stronger than cashmere. Easier to knit than alpaca. What surprised me the most was that my arthritic thumbs tolerated knitting the yak yarn without incurring much pain. I was able to knit with this yarn much longer before I had to stop as I did with all the other types of yarn.

    This yarn is so soft that it would be perfect to knit for people with autism or others with very sensitive skin. I am looking forward to purchasing this yarn. I cannot wait!

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