Posted by: Rebecca P | September 27, 2011

Summer flies!

Team Reywa-USA (that means Rebecca, Poul and Alina) are wrapping up their summer in the US and heading back to Asia.  What a season it has been!  From visiting dozens of gorgeous yarn shops, to attending our first trade show and just having good old fashioned fun at Vogue Knitting Live this past weekend…three months of new relationships, new understanding, and lots and lots of laughs.

Here are some highlights:

–  Visiting our first yarn shop (Knit and Pearl Boutique in Santa Barbara, CA) in June and having the owner spend a solid hour with me, offering great insights and true enthusiasm.  Way to start the summer!

–  Meeting the people at Frog Tree at the Northwest Needle Market.  What a joy to hear from people who traveled this road before and both believe it should be done and know it can be done!  Thanks for the great advice Frog Tree!

–  Taking a dyeing class from Beth Casey, owner of Lorna’s Laces.  The most common thought in my head as she taught:  “Oops!  So THAT’S what I was doing wrong!!”  Just kidding.  Trouble shooting was great, but I also picked up lots of great nuggets for the future! Her love of color and belief in its power was contagious.

–   Over and over hearing people say, “you are going to soar!”  How great to hear that not just from our personal cheerleaders but independent witnesses as well.

And the biggest highlight of all:  Heading back to Asia Thursday to get this ball rolling for real!


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