Posted by: Rebecca P | January 11, 2012

A New Year at Reywa

It’s a cold cold winter day in China and Rebecca and Alina are enjoying the cuddly warmth of our Reywa 100% Yak Down accessories. Poor Poul. We didn’t get any men’s samples knit up, so he doesn’t have anything. (Okay, now I feel bad…guess I’ll need to start knitting him something ASAP!)

After a Fall season with some unexpected bumps in the road, and some major changes to our plans for the immediate future, Reywa Fibers is about to become the real deal…yep, a registered company, legal in every way. Gorgeous fiber will soon be heading to the spinner and, in just a short while, adoring fans will be able to have as much Reywa as they desire (okay, not too many adoring fans yet, but they will come!)

Our team has been whittled down…John and Jo and the boys have had to return to New Zealand indefinitely, and for a few weeks we didn’t know if we would be able to pull this endeavor off without them. But what started as a dream for hope for the Tibetan people (remember, “Reywa” means “hope” or “dream” in Tibetan) has become our dream as well. And we just couldn’t let it go. It will look a little different than we’d planned…at least in the first years…and we will definitely miss our friends! But a dream is a dream…and it’s time to make it real!



  1. Good dreams can take time but all will be worth it in the end I’m sure.

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