Posted by: Rebecca P | January 17, 2012

A random nugget of knowledge…

There are some days I really love my life. Today I was talking with Namdrol. I was telling him I want to start learning to spin, and that it would be cool to get a hold of a traditional Tibetan spindle. He thought that was a great idea and promised to help me find a couple when he went back to his village for Losar (Tibetan New Year.) He added that there were many versions of the spindle commonly used…his favorite was the potato stuck on a stick for the weight. Can’t wait to master that one!

Namdrol's niece with a "weile" - a baby yak/cow crossbreed.



  1. Ah, the humble potato shyly reveals yet another of its amazing uses! I miss the simplicity of life there, sometimes! Keep up the good work!

  2. Be sure to photo document all of these little steps along the way to become REYWA experts.

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