Posted by: Rebecca P | March 5, 2012

We did it!

We did it! Reywa Fibers LLC is an official business in the state of California! Yahoo! Our paperwork is through, our numbers assigned, and we are ready…(to pay taxes?)

And, we have finalized our first line of yarn and paid the mega deposit. Boy was that scary.  We don’t say goodbye to that kind of money very often!  If you are the praying sort, pray the mill will fulfill as they’ve said they would and we’ll have lovely new 100% yak down yarns on the shelves of your LYS by end of summer!

The next step: approving the dye lots for our colors…that sounds like fun!  Can’t wait to get the samples!



  1. How about a brochure with swatches, so we can begin to woo stores into taking on the sale of this product?

    Also, would you consider selling the raw fiber for those who like to spin? I have just come in contact with someone who is in a “spinning group” of thirty. There might be a market within our community.

    • HI Kathy. We will have swatches ready just as soon as our product is spun and delivered. We are aiming for early summer. And we are definitely planning to eventually sell roving for spinning. It won’t be a part of our first line, but as we expand it will likely be added in the not-to-distant future.

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