Posted by: Rebecca P | April 10, 2012

An Unveiling

Drum roll please!  We are super excited to be giving you a sneak peak of our newly finished logo!  We are incredibly grateful to our long term friend Kevin for designing this for us.  We go way back…Kevin was actually a part of our team (technically he was our boss!) when we first began our non-profit work in the Tibetan highlands all those years ago.  Now a graphic designer, his firsthand knowledge of and love for the people of the highlands totally comes through in this logo…the colors were his idea, the turquoise and coral reflecting the gorgeous jewelry Tibetans love to wear.  (I started to write Tibetan women, but actually, both men and women are into the coral and turquoise bling!)

The eternal knot is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things, and this is what Reywa is all about.  Fiber artists in the US, Tibetan nomads raising yaks, the environment that supports us all…we are all connected, and we can be “in this together” for abundant lives and healthy futures for all.

So thanks Kevin for an awesome logo…we are excited to keep the vision of Reywa at the visual forefront of everything we are doing…and of everything our customers are knitting!



  1. Awesome logo. I haven’t seen anything like it. It’s beautiful and unique.

    • Thanks so much Betsy! And we haven’t forgotten about your offer to help with some graphic design yourself! Now that we’ve got our logo set, you may be hearing from us soon as we process things like brochures and marketing literature 🙂

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