Posted by: Rebecca P | April 11, 2012


Unexpected tasks…

Today I am not enjoying learning the ropes.  Not one little bit. We just got back our first batch of yarn labels (complete with our beautiful new logo) only to find they haven’t been hole punched. Not a single hole in the 4200 labels. Which means not a single one is ready to be tied to our yarn. And the stickers for our bags of yarn (how it’s packaged for sale to yarn stores) look great too. Really beautiful. But the 7 versions (for each of our 7 colors) are all mixed up together. Which means whoever is putting them on the bags needs to understand English. Which I’m pretty sure the guys in our mill don’t. So we are punching 4200 holes and cutting apart and sorting 1400 stickers in the next 20 hours before we have to send them on to the mill.

Going to be an exciting evening here in our house. We’re going to crank up the music, pour out the margaritas, and make the best of a bad situation (hopefully the margaritas don’t result in holes on the bottoms or stickers cut through the middle!  But the task seems near impossible without them, so here’s hoping!)



  1. I reckon that it’s about now that you could use a good Guillotine.
    Been there, done that. It’s called a learning curb… sometimes they can be a bit steep…. on the bright side, I can pretty much guarantee it won’t happen again.
    Best Wishes guys.

  2. What do they say about make lemon aide out of lemons? Just add a few ingredients and enjoy the margaritas during your labor of love! Wish I was the
    re! Just the project I would love digging into!

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