Posted by: Rebecca P | June 27, 2012

The countdown is on…

basket full of yak goodness!

Summer is here. For Reywa that means we are only one season away from prime knitting days for our gorgeous new yak down yarns. Happily, we are also only weeks away from beginning to get our yarn on the shelves of LYSs across the country!

For the past weeks, team Reywa (that’s me, Poul and little Alina!) have been driving the Pacific coast states of the US, visiting shops, meeting their staff, and introducing ourselves and our 100% Tibetan yak yarns. I love answering the question “where is this yarn from?” because I get to tell the story of our fiber…beginning with its origins in the grazing-lands of Tibetan nomads, traveling to knitters and fiber arts communities here in the US, and then sending profits right back to Tibet to help keep impoverished students in school and to restore the grasslands that feed the yaks that make our yarn possible. I have to admit – I think Reywa is pretty awesome.

I also love watching the interest on knitters’ faces go from mild to captivated when they feel our phenomenally soft yarns. Everyone is interested in the story…but when they feel the yarn, they want to get their needles out and start knitting (or skip the knitting and just rub it all over their neck and face…which I often do!)

And so the countdown begins… what we hope will be our last samples are on their way from Asia (after yet one more round of tweaking we requested from our spinners) and if we say “DONE!” we will be ready to take our first orders. Check back soon to know where to find the first Reywa 100% Tibetan Yak Down Yarns on shop shelves!



  1. Great message! I am so excited for you!

  2. This is soooo exciting!

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