Posted by: Rebecca P | August 4, 2012

Reywa’s 100% Tibetan Yak Yarn is hitting the shelves!

The first skeins of Reywa’s yarns have hit the shelves!   We’ve had a fantastic summer visiting yarn shops up and down the Pacific coast, and are tremendously excited to report that Embrace, our first line of 100% Tibetan yak yarns, are now available for purchase!  We are beginning with a limited release of our yarns, aiming to develop real relationships with our shop owners and to make sure all our systems are running smoothly.

We’ve had so much fun visiting yarn shops all along the coast (a knitter’s dream vacation!) and almost every shop had something that made it truly memorable.  But, a few of our new favorites – meaning those now carrying Reywa, and who would love you to drop by to pick up a skein or two for your next project! – are:

Ball and Skein in Cambria, CA

Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove, CA

Yarns and the Adobe in San Luis Obispo, CA

Anacapa Fine Yarns in Ventura, CA

Diva Yarns in Port Townsend, WA

Bella Lana in Minneapolis, MN

Flying Fibers in Landisville, PA

Stop in or give them a call to order a skein of the softest yarn you’re likely to find anywhere!


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