Yak Down

Yak down is a truly extraordinary luxury fiber.  With a diameter of 15-20 microns, it is comparable to cashmere in softness while being 10-15% warmer than merino wool.  Naturally hypo-allergenic, it remains warm even when wet.  Natural breathability helps the body regulate its heat, keeping the wearer warm in the cold and cooler when temperatures rise.

Reywa Fiber’s 100% yak down yarns have a wonderful handle when knitting.  They glide effortlessly through the fingers and work up wonderfully soft projects.  Hand knit yak down items make exquisite gifts, from luxurious shawls to unbeatably warm winter hats.  Yak down yarns are especially perfect for welcoming new little people into this world…nothing can match the softness of yak next to a newborn’s skin, while the hypo-allergenic and body heat regulating natural properties of the fiber will help them stay comfortable and cozy as they meet their new world.

Yak down is extremely rare, with each animal producing an average of only a kilogram of fiber annually.  In comparison, a tiny German angora rabbit produces approximately the same amount!  The rarity of yak down and the remote corners of the world in which it is found add immediate value to this lovely fiber.

Most of all, when knitting with Reywa yarn the customer has the added benefit of a fantastic story.  Our fiber comes directly from the Tibetan Plateau, from the hands of nomads whose families have herded yaks for countless generations.  The purchase of our yarns contributes directly to the livelihoods of these families and helps sponsor educational and environmental initiatives in their communities.  Each hank of yarn sold, each hand knit project finished results in economic and social empowerment for a very real person.



  1. I would like to order one bag each of all the colors of “Embrace”. I’m sorry to be late in responding. We have been campaigning for Amex’s Big Break for Small Business – over 12,000 entries and we are one of 10 finalists. Check out our Facebook page – Knitty City, and vote for us although this is the last day.
    I had gotten the samples at the store, and all the staff gave it a “thumbs up”. We’ve just been really busy. We can pay by check, credit card or email. Please let us know what’s best. Thanks, Pearl

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