Meet the Team

If you’re going to knit with our yarns and tell all your friends about us, you should probably know who we are.  Here’s the brief on Team Reywa:

Poul and Rebecca

Poul and Rebecca are from LA, but don’t let their urban roots fool you. Poul’s mom is an avid knitter, occasional knitting instructor, and kitchen kettle dye artist. She had four sons and no daughters, so her sons got to inherit all her fiber knowledge. It was Poul that helped Rebecca learn her knits and purls when she first felt the needles calling her, though she has since taken lead on fiber arts in the household. Poul is a gifted artist and when he’s not listening to Rebecca describe her latest knitting project or wrestling with Alina, he’s studying Tibetan icon painting or working on a masterpiece of his own.

Cuddly yak baby.

Our cuddly yak baby.

Rebecca is an avid knitter and has long worked in student sponsorship for children of impoverished Tibetan communities. Responsible for a lot of fund raising in her non-profit years, she is excited to be building a company that will itself fund the educations of the kids she has grown to love.Two year old Alina thinks yak yarn is fantastic…or at least we like to think she does! We know she’d much prefer a baby yak of her own, but her little sweaters do keep her warm and cozy in the cold Chinese winter.


Uncle Namdrol

Our partner for many years in community development, he is the keeper and interpreter of all cultural knowledge, instructor in Tibetan language, and organizer extraordinaire of everything from transportation to family visits for selecting students for sponsorship. His family are “half-farmers-half-nomads” which means they both herd yaks and grow crops, and our earliest memories of yaks revolve around dodging his family’s nasty bull. 




  1. You did an amazing job with this website. I cannot wait to get my hands on your yak yarn and start knitting! May God bless you all and the Tibetan people.

  2. Well done on starting this great venture. Sounds like a winner to me. Great web site also.

  3. I am so excited about your yarn! I have been trying to support Tibet and Tibetans ever since my visit in 1991. Hooray!

    • Hi Cornelia. Thank you so much! The samples are in the mail to you – we’d be delighted to partner with Bella Lanna on behalf of the Tibetan people and knitters who need great new yarns to try! Let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll look forward to connected when you’ve had a chance to see the samples 🙂

  4. i’ve read this website today, my heart is touched. let Hope rise.

  5. Hi Folks, This is a wonderful blog/site and the work that you are doing is very important.

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