Our Priorities

At Reywa Fibers we are driven by a wholehearted commitment to three things:  an excellent product, the community we partner with, and the environment which sustains us.  When you buy our yarns, you can do so knowing that these defining priorities are driving our company, its process and its product.

1. An Excellent Product

Yak down is an amazing fiber, and we are committed to a finished product that lives up to the potential of the fiber itself.  We want knitters to rave about our yarn, knit with it, love it, dress their kiddos with it, and tell their friends about it.

Sisters by their tent.

2. The Community

Reywa is committed to the communities who produce the fiber for our yarns.  It was Tibetan nomads themselves who introduced us to yak down, and they and their families are at the center of everything we do.  We are 100% committed to making sure the growth of our company results directly in ever-increasing health and happiness for the nomad families whose labor makes these gorgeous yarns possible.

3. The Environment

Reywa is committed to environmental sustainability.  In our trade, it’s not optional.  In many regions of the Tibetan Plateau, including those in which we source our fiber, a slow but steady process of desertification threatens the grazing lands of the yaks and the futures of the nomads who herd them.  Without immediate intervention, this unique landscape will disappear within a generation, and with it, the nomadic lifestyle.

Desertification must be stopped.

The photo at left is of a grassplanting project our team ran prior to beginning Reywa.  Working in partnership with a nomad community to fence off, replant, and care for the slowly recovering land, we have seen that desertification is reversible.  These spreading wastelands can be made fertile again.  It is our great desire that Reywa profits will be able to help these nomads continue to protect their grasslands and make new grass cover every last spot of sand!



  1. It’s a great site: reads easily, easy to navigate, and has heart! It doesn’t sound like a pitch, but gives a sense of your heart for the people.

    I am reading In The Shadow of the Silk Road. It talks about the territories across Asia that are being swallowed up by the ever expanding desert. I have read that improved use of the land (not overgrazing) can reverse this process. I read hints of that going on among the people with whom you are working.

    What an exciting project and what an exciting time! Thank you for sharing what you are doing with the world.

    • thanks Kathy! We hope others will feel the same way!

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